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GIFT BASKETS* BALLOONSFLOWERS* WEDDINGS (Professional wedding consultants)

* Local?  Need an experienced wedding coordinator, flowers, decorations, balloons, etc?  Please call us @ 404-242-2013 for more information.  We can help!

GIFT BASKETS......gourmet, new baby, corporate, get well, fruit, and more

Gourmet gift Basket

Price: $75.00

 Gourmet gift basket includes an array of gourmet gift snacks fit to taste and can be shared with others such as candy, cakes, pretzels, popcorn, cheese, chocolates, pastries, teas, coffee, and more!



Gourmet coffee/tea basket

Price: $79.99

 ncludes a fine selection of gourmet teas and coffee from around the world.  Also includes chocolates, crackers, pastries, and more!



Gourmet Extravaganza

   Price: $79.99


 Basket includes tasty gourmet treats that can be shared with everyone.  Baskets includes a variety of delicious snacks such as cheese, crackers, chocolate, gourmet popcorn, pastries, cake, malto, and more! 


Fruit basket

Price: $70.00

Fruit basket includes a large variety of fresh fruits to satisfy all of your vitamin and nutritional needs.  Fruit baskets are a healthy alternative to other high calorie food items and make ideal gifts for get well soon, new home, sympathy, and more!  Some of the fruits include oranges, apples, bananas, pineapple, grapes, and more!





New baby bassinet girl/boy

Price: $85.00

Beautifully designed white baby bassinet designed for a girl or a boy.  Bassinet is filled with useful items for mom and baby such as baby powder, t-shirts, baby wipes, baby bibs, socks, baby shampoo, a cute cuddly stuffed animal, baby oil, and other desirous items for mom and baby to enjoy.  Additionally, baby bassinet can be used once products are removed!         

Baby boy gift basket*

Price $70.00

Gift basket designed for a baby boy with all of the items needed to make baby and mom comfortable during those first few months home from the hospital.  Baby boy gift basket includes baby powder, baby wipes, comb & brush set, baby shampoo, baby oil, a cute cuddly stuffed animal, and more!          





Baby gift basket for girl/boy

Price: $70.00

Baby girl basket includes all the little cutesy items for a precious baby  girl.  Items included in the basket are for mom and baby to enjoy such as bath time products, sleep time products, grooming products, and more!


Wedding Basket

Price: $75.00


Wedding gift basket includes a bottle of  sparkling cider, gourmet cheese, crackers, chocolate, wine glasses, picture frame, candles, and more!

Wine Basket

Price: $75.00

Includes a bottle of fine tasting wine, gourmet cheese, crackers, peanuts, chocolate, wine glasses, and more!

See wine options below:

McManis, Ravenswood, Rex Goliath, Black Opal, Clos Du Bois, Little Penguin, Rosemond, Yellow Tail, Bogle, Black Swan, Jonkris, Massane, Riesling, Beringer, Sutterhome, Ernest & Julio, Zinfandel, Vendange Gallo, Blue Nun, Massane.........)* 




Wine Trio*

Price: $110.00

Includes three assortments of fine tasting wines, along with gourmet cheese, crackers,  fine gourmet sausage, chocolate, dual wine glasses, and more!  See wine options below:

*Trio options: Rex Goliath, Black Opal, Ravenswood, McManis, Yellow Tail, Bogle, Linda Men, Jonkris, Rosemond, Beringer, Massane, Riesling, Sutterhome, Gallo, Vendange

(if not listed above, please call for special order)

Pamper Me Spa Basket 

Price: $85.00


Includes an array of sweet smelling bath & products ranging from Victoria's Secret, Bath & Body Works, and Luxury Milk Bath products, bath sponge, candles, and more!

Great basket at a great price!


Spa basket for her

Price: $65.00

Includes named brand sweet smelling bath & body products from Victoria's Secret and/or Bath & Body Works, a bath sponge, and other exciting bath & body products.< FONT>






Welcome Home basket

  Price: $70.00

Welcome home basket includes a variety of gourmet treats for the new home owner to enjoy such as gourmet popcorn, chocolate, pretzels, cheese, pastries, cake, and more! 




*We also offer gift basket for a girl

FLOWERS.......tulips, daisies, roses, orchids, lilies

Floral Bouquet

Price $60.00





Dozen of white/pink/red/yellow roses (your color choice)

Price: $50.00



Bouquet of mixed lilies

Price: $50.00




White Daisies

Price: $50.00



1/2 dozen yellow roses

Price: $45.00



Bouquet of Lilies

Price: $45.00





White/Pink Daisies

Price: $55.00

 , graduation, new baby, love you, latex

I Love You!

Price:  $15.00


Happy Anniversary! 

Price: $15.00


You're Special!

Price: $15.00


Happy Birthday !

Price: $15.00


It's a Boy!

Price: $15.00


It's a Girl !



Go Grad!

Price: $15.00


Have a Great Day! 

Price: $15.00




Flirty heart balloons 

Price: $15.00


Qty 5- Latex balloons (same color)

Price: $10.00


18" Heart shaped balloons

18" Star shaped balloons

Price: $5.00/per balloon



18" Mylar balloons

Price: $5.00/per balloon



We are professional wedding consultants!

We offer:  wedding coordination, decorations, wedding flowers, balloons, ring pillow, flower girl  purse, + more.  We also offer hairstyling services for the bride and wedding party!   Baskets-n-Bows is your one stop shop for all of your wedding needs.  Call us now @ 1-800-816-6773 for more information!

* Local?  Need an experienced wedding coordinator, flowers, decorations, balloons, etc?  Please call us @ 1-800-816-6773 for more information. We can help!


Wedding Balloons

Price: $2.50/each (10 min.) or




18" Wedding Balloon

Price: $5.00/each


26" Bells & Bows Balloon

Price: $8.00/ each


Wedding Balloons

Price: $10.00 (Qty 6)



11" Lt. Pearl Wedding Balloons

Price: $10.00 (Qty 6)





Teddy Bride Walk Balloon/26"

Price: $23.00



Flower Girl basket

$24.00/set of 2

Wedding Purse

Price: $34.00/set of 3


Red Flower Girl Basket

$24.00/set of 2


Ring bearer pillow

Price: $34.00/set of 2



Happy Anniversary

Price: $10.00 (Qty 6) 




+ All Orders will incur delivery charges   

Call BASKETS-N-BOWS for more details @ 404-242-2013.   

* We have a huge variety of balloons to choose from.  Most balloons are not shown here.  Please call if additional assistance is needed.  Thanks.

*Orders with less than 10 latex balloons, have a $20.00 delivery charge. (11" latex balloon orders only, not other balloon offers)

Sesame Street characters, Sports balloons (baseball, soccer, football, etc),  heart-shaped balloons and more.  Come in a variety of shapes and colors.  Latex and mylar balloons available.

#Gift baskets and floral contents + container may vary depending on inventory.                          



















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